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Animation Clip Asset

The animation clip asset is used to import a single animation for an animated mesh.

An animation clip represents a single motion, such as a walk cycle, a jump or other action. Simple animations can be played on a mesh using a simple animation component. For complex behavior you will need to use multiple clips and fade from one to the other at the right times. Use an animation controller (TODO) for that.

Asset Properties


The toolbar buttons allow you to play/pause/reset and slow-down the animation playback. Additionally you can use the time scrubber right below the 3D viewport to manually play the animation. It is best to pause the automatic playback then.

Event Track

Below the time scrubber there is an additional strip to edit animation events. Here you can add events that shall occur at specific times during the animation clip playback, such as foot-down or fire-weapon. Use the time scrubber above to play the clip and inspect at which time the event shall occur. Then right click into the event track and select Add Event. Which type of event will be added is specified with the combo box at the bottom right.

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