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Blackboard Nodes

The animation controller provides nodes to read and write values from and to a blackboard. For this, the game object on which the animation controller component is attached, also needs to hold a blackboard component.

Note: If no blackboad is available, these nodes will output a warning to the log. If a blackboard is available, but the desired entry is not (yet) in the blackboard, they may add the entry or assume a default value of zero.

Set Blackboard Value Node

When activated or deactivated, this node writes a given value to the blackboard.


Input Pins

Check Blackboard Value Node

This node constantly monitors a blackboard value and compares it to a reference value. Whenever the comparison yields true, the Active output pin is enabled, otherwise disabled.


Output Pins

Get Blackboard Value Node

This node outputs the value of a specific blackboard entry. The number value can then be forwarded to other nodes.


Output Pins

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