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ezEngine Documentation

The documentation for ezEngine

Building ezEngine

To try out ezEngine, you can download a precompiled binary package. This article describes how you can build the engine yourself, which enables you to extend the engine with custom functionality.

Getting the Code and Data

  1. Clone a branch from the GitHub repository.
    • If you need a good git GUI, have a look at Fork.
    • If you want a stable release, clone the ‘release’ branch.
    • If you want the latest features, clone the ‘dev’ branch.
  2. Unless your git client already checks out git sub-modules for you, also run git submodule init and git submodule update in your local clone. The EZ project uses submodules to deliver additional data such as sample content and precompiled tools.

Regular Builds

  1. Obtain and install all prerequisites
  2. Run CMake and configure your build
  3. Open the generated solution and build. Compiling the entire solution with editor, unit tests and samples takes around 5 minutes. The dependencies are set up such that only building, e.g. the Editor project will include all requirements, though.

Other Builds

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