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Custom Code with Visual Scripts

There is a visual scripting system, which can be used to write a form of custom components. However, at this point it makes no sense to write documentation for the system.

The TypeScript integration is far superior in functionality and tooling. The core team behind ezEngine has no intention of investing further time into the visual scripting system, as time spent on improving the TypeScript integration has the much bigger benefit.

That said, the system exists, and the code is not too bad. If anyone has interest to develop it further, contact the team to get a detailed introduction into how the code works, what needs improvement and to discuss how far this could go. There are a couple of improvements that would be easy to do. However, the main problem with visual scripting is the tooling. If you look at what crazy amount of work other engines put into their visual script tools, you’ll see that this is the main area of work. If you intend to take this on, you should have a decent understanding of Qt.

Another option is to scrap the whole thing and replace it with a completely different implementation. We are open to all suggestions.

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