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RenderDoc Integration

RenderDoc is a great tool to capture rendering commands for analysis and debugging. Commonly, to analyze a rendering issue, one would launch an application through RenderDoc, such that it can hook into the application and record rendering commands.

ezEngine has a dedicated RenderDocPlugin, to integrate RenderDoc support even better. When that plugin is active (see Project Settings) you can trigger a RenderDoc capture at any time, even if your application was not launched through RenderDoc.

Taking Captures

If you write your own application (TODO) you can hook up RenderDoc in different ways, however, by default these methods are available:

All captures are written to a sub-folder of the appdata data directory. On Windows this refers to the %appdata% folder, which you can find by typing %appdata% into Windows Explorer. The exact sub-folder is printed into the log (or see the in-game console).

You can then open the capture using RenderDoc.

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