Editor Settings

Editor settings are user specific and independent of projects. They are stored in a OS user folder and thus are not checked into source control.


Preferences are user specific editor settings. Preferences may affect the entire editor application, only a certain project, or even just a single document.


The list on the left lists all the available preferences. Items prefixed with Application: affect the general editor, no matter which project is open. Items prefixed with Project: are specific to the currently open project and can be configured differently for other projects. Per-document preferences only show up while a document is open.

Application: General


Editor > Editor Settings > Shortcuts… opens a dialog to configure the shortcuts.


Editor Plugins

Editor > Editor Settings > Shortcuts… opens a dialog that lists all active editor plugins. By default the editor will load all editor plugins. This dialog allows you to disable loading of certain plugins. This should only be done if a plugin is in conflict with some other plugin and you only need one of the two. For well behaving editor plugins there should be no need to disable them.

Please be aware that disabling the loading of an editor plugin is machine wide and thus will affect all projects equally.




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