Particle Effect Component

The particle effect component is used to instantiate and control particle effects in a scene. Each component handles one effect. When the owner game object is moved, the particle effect will move accordingly. Particles are emitted along the up axis (positive Z) of the game object.

Effect: The particle effect to spawn.

SpawnAtStart: If true, the effect will be spawned once the component becomes active. Otherwise, nothing will happen, and the component must be triggered manually via custom code.

OnFinishedAction: Specifies what happens when a non-continuous effect finishes:

MinRestartDelay, RestartDelayRange: If OnFinishedAction is set to Restart, a random time between MinRestartDelay and MinRestartDelay + RestartDelayRange has to pass before the effect will be restarted.

RandomSeed: If set to zero, the effect will use random values and look slightly different every time. If set to any other value, the effect will look identical every time it is restarted.

SpawnDirection: The direction along which the effect should be spawned (in local space). The default is ‘positive Z’ which means ‘up’, but to align this with other things, such as decals or lights, it can be useful to use a different axis. Note that interactions with surfaces (e.g. an impact effect that is spawned when a bullet hits a wall) are always spawned such that the spawned prefab’s positive X axis aligns with the surface interaction axis (e.g. it’s normal). For such cases it therefore makes sense to spawn a particle effect along ‘positive X’.

IgnoreOwnerRotation: By default the SpawnDirection is local to the owning game object, meaning when the owning object is tipped over, the effect will also spawn sideways. For some effects it can be desireable to ignore the rotation of the owner, and always spawn in global space, though. For instance, when an effect has a strong directionality, such as debris flying away in a cone, it may look best when it is always spawned upwards.

SharedInstanceName: If non-empty, this instance will use a shared effect.

Parameters: If the chosen effect exposed effect parameters, they will be listed here and can be modified.

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