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Raycast Placement Component

The raycast placement component does a ray cast and positions a target object there.

The image below shows raycast placement components being used together with a beam components to create laser beams.

Laser Beam

This component does a ray cast along the forward axis of the game object it is attached to. If this produces a hit, the target object is placed there. If no hit is found the target object is either placed at the maximum distance or deactivated depending on the component configuration.

This component can also trigger messages when objects enter the ray. E.g. when a player trips a laser detection beam. To enable this set the trigger collision layer to another layer than the main ray cast and set a trigger message.

Sample setup:

This will lead to trigger messages being sent when a physics actor on the ‘Player’ layer comes between the original hit on the default layer and the ray cast origin.

Component Properties

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