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Area Damage Component

The area damage component posts an ezMsgDamage to all objects in its vicinity every time it is triggered. It may also send an ezMsgPhysicsAddImpulse to push objects away from its location. This is used to implement the effect of explosions and other things that should damage close-by objects.

Component Properties

  • OnCreation: If enabled, the component will apply damage the moment it gets activated.
  • Radius: The radius in which objects will receive damage.
  • CollisionLayer: The physics collision layer to use to find objects to which to apply damage.
  • Damage: The maximum amount of damage to apply. Damage is scaled down linearly by distance, so an object further away will receive less damage.
  • Impulse: An optional physical impulse to apply to damaged objects. This will push objects away from this object. The applied impulse is also scaled down linearly by distance.


  • ApplyAreaDamage(): This function can be called manually to control when and how often this component applies damage. For example a 'dangerous' area can be implemented by repeatedly triggering a component of this type.

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