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Jolt Hinge Constraint Component

The Jolt hinge constraint component is a constraint that links two actors such that they can only rotate around one axis relative to each other.

How far the joined objects can rotate can be limited.

The hinge can also be powered with a drive, meaning it will rotate on its own with a maximum force. The drive can also be configured to effectively act like a spring, pulling the hinge towards a desired rotation.

Component Properties

  • Shared Constraint Component Properties

  • LimitMode: Defines whether the constraint can spin freely, or is restricted by LowerLimit and UpperLimit.

    • NoLimit: The constraint can spin without restriction.
    • HardLimit: The constraint cannot rotate farther than LowerLimit and UpperLimit. If it hits the boundary, it may bounce back.
  • LowerLimit, UpperLimit: The lower and upper allowed rotation angles, if LimitMode is enabled.

  • Friction: How easy it is to rotate the hinge. Higher values make the constraint stiffer.

  • DriveMode: Specifies whether the constraint will apply a force to rotate the actors.

    • NoDrive: The constraint will not rotate on its own.
    • ReachVelocity: The constraint will try to rotate at a speed of DriveTargetValue.
    • ReachPosition: The constraint will try to rotate towards the angle DriveTargetValue.
  • DriveStrength: The maximum force the constraint can apply to try to reach its target.

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