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Jolt Slider Constraint Component

The Jolt slider constraint component is a constraint that links two actors such that they can only slide along one axis relative to each other.

Optionally, how for the joined actors can slide can be limited.

Component Properties

  • Shared Constraint Component Properties

  • LimitMode: Specifies whether the distance of sliding is limited.

    • NoLimit: The actors can slide unlimited far. Since they will still collide with other objects, there may be no need to limit the slide distance through the joint.
    • HardLimit: When the actors reach the end of the joint range, they will be stopped.
  • LowerLimit, UpperLimit: How far the actor can deviate from the start position in either direction.

  • Friction: How easy it is to slide along the constraint. Higher values make the joint stiffer.

  • DriveMode: Specifies whether the constraint will apply a force to push the actors.

    • NoDrive: The slider will not push the actors.
    • ReachVelocity: The constraint will try to push at a speed of DriveTargetValue.
    • ReachPosition: The constraint will try to push towards the relative position DriveTargetValue.
  • DriveStrength: The maximum force the constraint can apply to try to reach its target.

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