Common Application Features

All applications that are built on top of ezGameApplication provide a number of useful features for developers.

In-game console

Press F1 to toggle the in-game console. See its documentation for further details.

Reload Resources

Press F4 to instruct the engine to reload all resources (TODO). This can be useful, if for example, you are working on a shader (TODO) and want to see the result of your changes inside the game, without having to restart the game.

Reloading resources works for all assets that are used directly by the engine (e.g. shaders (TODO)). For some assets it will work, after the editor processed the input assets. For example for textures and materials and many others. Some resources, though, are not reloadable, e.g. things that get instantiated at runtime, such as prefabs.

Show Frames Per Second

Press F5 to toggle the display of the FPS counter.

Take a Profiling Capture

Press F8 to take a capture of the profiling data. See the profiling documentation for details.

Take a RenderDoc Capture

Press F11 to take a RenderDoc capture. See the RenderDoc integration documentation for details.

Take a Screenshot

Press F12 to take a screenshot. Screenshots are stored in the appdata data directory (see the log output). On Windows this can be found by typing %appdata% into the Windows Explorer.

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