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Terrain and Vegetation

Terrain overview


Currently there are no tools for creating terrain. Terrain meshes are best build in external tools and imported as regular static meshes.

A popular method to represent terrain are heightmaps - 2D grayscale images, where the brightness of each pixel represents the height of the terrain at that location. ezEngine provides a heightfield component which enables you to get such terrain data into the engine easily. However, this is only meant for simple use cases.


Vegetation can be created with standard meshes. Using custom visual shaders (TODO), a basic per-vertex wind animation can be applied.

Additionally, ezEngine has built in support for Kraut, a tool that allows you to procedurally generate tree meshes.

Finally, there is a system to procedurally place objects, typically plants, around the current player position. This system is currently undocumented, but the Testing Chambers project contains scenes which show basic usage.

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