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MiniDump Tool

The MiniDumpTool writes a mini-dump (memory, call-stacks) of an application. The mini dump can be used for diagnosing why an application crashed. The tool is used by the test framework (TODO).


The tool takes exactly two arguments:

MiniDumpTool -PID 1234 -f "C:/crashdumps/justnow.dmp"

The first argument is the Process ID of the process for which the memory shall be dumped, the second argument specifies the file where the dump should be written to.

Automatic Execution

You can integrate writing crash dumps into your application by setting the ezCrashHandler_WriteMiniDump through ezCrashHandler::SetCrashHandler().

ezCrashHandler_WriteMiniDump has options to generate the filename automatically using the current date and time.

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